The universe of  Voodoo

Benin is the birthday of voodoo and some tourists are keen on experiencing themselves this reality during their stay with us. The organisation of initiation to the universe of voodoo is one of our specialities and it is conducted under the auspices of one of the most powerful leaders of the voodoo universe of Benin , who is open to a better understanding of voodoo universe by those who have not been initiated. It is not a 'make up'. Consultation of the oracles, or reading though the ifa, has always amazed the tourists. The ifa priest who never met a tourist, reveals to the latter , his/her present, the problems he/ she faces, his/her present and future (life).For the tourist who are lucky enough to be at our hotel during the regular organizations of such ceremonies, dance or rituals, the cost of participation is insignificant, just the minimum required to be allowed to take photographs and have acess to areas requiring prior initiation. on the other hand, those for whom we shoold organize specially such ceremonies , dances or rituals will have to bear all the expenses of the organization. 
These cost are reduced markedly when the participants are in a large group.